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You can move comfortably in any places with 4 kinds of usage !
It's achieved with double wheels.
We recommend you to use 4 wheel (spiner) trolley case. Because........
    You can go briskly using 2 wheels
     in a large space like airport terminal.
 You can go smoothly using 4 wheels in a
 narrow space like an aisle on a train.

You can lock your luggage even if you visit USA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a U.S. government law enforcement
agency that was created as part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.
The TSA requires access to air passenger's luggage for security screaning in th US,
somtimes without the passenger being present. For that purpose, TSA announces
not to lock passenger's luggage. If the TSA security office was unable to open passenger's
luggage for inspection because it was locked, the office my have been forced to break
the locks on their luggage.

TSA is not liable for damage to their locks resulting from this necessary security
precaution. To allow luggage to be locked for protection against theft, the TSA has
approved TSA lock identified by a logo on the locks. TSA office can open and relock
these locks with tools.

For more detailed infomation, please access to Travel Sentry's Web-site

Remarkable Features
100% Polycarbonate material !
Durable, but also light weight with
this new material.
Silent (whisper) double wheels
You can move smoothly and quietly.

TSA lock with indicator !
You can confirm open or lock
position easily with red or green
sing. (Red sign shows lock position
and green sign shows open position.)
Key doesn't have directivity,so you
can insert key without confirming
  Flat interior
  You can pack your belongings
  easily and neatly as there is no
   projection at bottom side of

  (Trolley bar is hidden in between
   shell andlining.)

Navy Brown Black Red Silver

NO.19720 51x39x28cm 4.6kg about 41 liter (18+23)
NO.19724 61x45x29cm 5.4kg about 67 liter (30+37)
NO.19726 66x49x30cm 6.0kg about 83 liter (38+45)
NO.19729 72x54x31cm 6.5kg about 106 liter (49+57)

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