Company Profile
Our company, Osaka Trunk Material was founded in 1907 and is headquartered
in Osaka, Japan.  We are the leading manufacture of parts for luggage,
, especially, parts for trunk cases has been utilized by many recognized companies.
You can see some of our metal parts on our Web-site at

On the other hand, we established our Bag and lugggage department in 1987.
Our advantage is our quality standard based on our historical long experience.
Our products have been getting good reputation from famous department stores,
bag and travel goods shops in Japan. And not only in domestic market but also in
foreign market, our products have been wellknown as Japanese quality criteria.

Our founder Mr. Daisaku Hayashi has started our business in 1890.  Now we
have 5 brother companies including Hayashigo Co., Ltd and Torin Co.,Ltd.
Over 100 years, our group have been dedicated to bag and luggage industory.
And we just started on a journey to our 200 anniversary.

Why our logo is O.H.G.
We have been asked, why our logo is O.H.G. from outside frequently. In fact, our
English company name is Osaka Trunk Material Co., Ltd now.
But in our centenarian history, we changed our company name a few times
according to the times. Our company name was Osaka Hounou Genryobu.,Co.,Ltd
during 1948 - 1968. Then, trade mark O.H.G., stands for Osaka Hounou Genryobu,
was established, and since then, O.H.G. logo has been recognized as brand-name

Osaka Trunk Material Co.,Ltd
1-3-5 Karasugatsuji, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, Japan.
E-mail: ono@ohg.co.jp
Tel:+81-6-6771-3223 Fax:+81-6-6772-2273

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