Osaka Trunk marked the milestone of its 100th anniversary in 2007.
Our founder Daisaku Hayashi has started our business in 1890.

Osaka Trunk Material, were founded in 1907 and is headquartered
in Osaka.Early days, we started as purchase department of Hayashidai
Shouten. 7 years later, we parted from Hayashidai Shouten and started
to supply widely.Since then, we became the leading manufacturer of
parts for bag and luggage, especially parts for trunk cases, such as
camera case and aluminum case, has been utilized by many recognized
worldwide companies.

Meanwhile, bag and luggage department started operation in 1987.
Base on our knowledge and technology of parts business,
we established our quality control system.
Our quality can be proofed by many customers.

Now we have 5 brother companies including Hayashigo Co.,Ltd. which
has been dealing with KIVA design in USA and RIMOWA in Germany for
years.And Torin Co.,Ltd is also well known as Lagasha brand.

Osaka TrunkMaterial and 5 brother companies as one family group,
you must understandhow our company is having strong power
in this industrial field in Japan.

Link to our affiliated companies.
Hayashigo Co.,Ltd
Torin Co.,Ltd.

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